Tenant Testimonials

"Hello Kat, just letting you know that my bond came in over the Christmas break: I was amazed at how quickly it came through! Many thanks for all your service and responses when I was a tenant with you."

M Kyle

Thanks For All Your Service

"Kat Kubacki, I have to say that you are very efficient and helpful, just as they were at the Gerringong franchise and that your head office should be very proud."

C Roberts

Very Efficient & Helpful

"As a previous tenant of one of your rental properties I would like to formally thank our Property Manager Tahlee Rothemund for her professional and prompt service. Miss Rothemund not only provided us with regular updates on our property but made all transactions with your offices simple, easy and time effective."

E Glynn

Simple, Easy & Time Effective Transactions

"It is with regret that I am writing to give notice to vacate the apartment in Penrith. I need something bigger and unfortunately need to move out into a bigger house. I have really loved dealing with Stanton & Taylor, as everyone has always been very polite and professional and kind. And I hope I can rent with you again in the future. Thank you again for everything."

T Lundberg

Polite, Professional & Kind

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the team at Stanton and Taylor. Everyone that I have dealt with at Stanton and Taylor have always been very polite and helpful. I have really enjoyed living at Glenmore Park for the last 4 years and leasing the rental property through Stanton and Taylor.
I have had a long relationship with Stanton and Taylor as I used to own a townhouse in St Marys,  and Stanton and Taylor were the strata managers for that complex, I used to deal with a man by the name of Luke from Stanton and Taylor, I am not sure of his last name. But I lived there for 5 years, so in total I have known your real-estate company for 9 years, and I couldn’t have asked for a better company to deal with.

Michelle T

Very Polite & Helpful

"I would like to thank Michael Taylor for his assistance with the property I previously leased through Stanton and Taylor. He is an asset to the Penrith community and there is no other agent in the Western suburbs I could recommend more."

J Storey

Asset To The Penrith Community

“I have been renting through Stanton & Taylor for just over 2 years now. I cannot thank them enough for their pure professionalism. They don’t hesitate to answer any of my questions and I would highly recommend Stanton & Taylor to anyone who is looking for reliable, friendly and professional agents. They are always willing to go out of their way to help you wherever they can.”

C Windred

Reliable, Friendly & Professional Agents

“Thank you for all of your assistance with our commercial tenancy. When it comes time for us to sell our home, we will definitely come back to see you, your service was the best I have ever had from a real estate agency.”

L Mayhew

The Best Service

"I would like to thank the fine property management staff of Stanton and Taylor. I have never had any issues with the property or any negative experiences with any staff members. Everyone has been extremely kind and helpful over the past five years. I wish your company continued success in the future."

B Willshaw

Kind & Helpful