Choosing The Right Agent For You


Every agent will have different views on what your property is worth, as will you. Although these things are important, a common pitfall is to just go for the agent who gives you the highest market opinion or charges the lowest commission. Those agents may be the correct choice, but ask plenty of questions to help you decide, like:
  • What other properties have they sold in your area recently? Ask for results. To see Stanton & Taylor's recently sold properties, click here.
  • How experienced is the particular agent and the agency in real estate?
  • Ask the agent to demonstrate how they expect to negotiate on price with a potential buyer. If they can't explain the negotiation process to you, how will they actually handle potential buyers?
  • What is the best method (auction, private treaty etc.) the agent recommends to sell your property and why?
  • What makes them different to other agents?
  • Where and how will the property be advertised?

Above all else, go with the agent you feel you can trust. You need to know that your agent is working for YOU and in your best interests.  

All these factors and more should determine who the best agent is to sell your property in the shortest possible timeframe for the right value. 

When you meet with one of our experienced and friendly agents to have your property requirements assessed, you can expect to have all of these questions answered and more.  Take the time to talk with our agents and we're sure you will see why Stanton & Taylor is the best agency to sell your property.

To read more about our Buy and Sell Assessments or to arrange a no obligation chat with one of our knowledgable staff, please contact us on (02) 4731 2899 or click here and register your details.