Why Use An Agent


Stanton & Taylor First National answers one of the most commonly asked questions in the property market – “Why should I use a real estate agent to buy, sell or manage my property?” The simple answer, is because it makes financial, legal and common sense to do so.

Property, whether a home or investment, is a financial investment so it makes sense to use the services of a professional and in this case that is a real estate agent. It may seem tempting for many home-owners to keep commission dollars in their pockets, but in the long run there is greater chance of maximising success and minimising stress if an agent is involved, just as there is if you use a lawyer when going to court.

The key things an agent will bring to the table include:
  • Realistic indications of a property’s value or rental return potential
  • Expert advice on how best to market and promote a property as well as the best method of sale - private treaty (for sale) or auction
  • Vetting potential buyers and tenants to reduce time wasted on unsuitable or untenable prospects
  • Access to more potential buyers, sellers and renters via their own databases and networks
  • Handling sale and tenancy negotiations and communications for maximum outcomes
  • Understanding the difference between emphasising the selling points a buyer is interested in and those that a vendor considers important
  • Preparation of documentation related to sale and marketing or tenancy

A good agent will also make sure that a process that can be a stressful and time consuming experience is a lot less pressured and more enjoyable.
The greatest risk in retaining the services of a real estate agent is making sure you choose the right one. The relationship between an agent and client needs to be one of mutual respect, based on loyalty and trust, because real estate transactions can be complicated and success relies largely on the skills of key players such as the agents and the client’s willingness to co-operate with their strategy for marketing and during negotiations.

Having the right agent on your side can result in thousands of extra dollars in your pocket, so it is worth taking the time and effort to find the one that suits your needs best.
  • Good agents will have excellent negotiation skills and be honest about what you are likely to achieve.
  • They will set realistic prices and provide advice based on market conditions, and local supply and demand.
  • The best agents will have open, regular and transparent lines of communication with their clients.
  • Open, honest, two-way communications will ensure a satisfactory experience throughout the buying, selling or renting process.
  • Clients need to be able to express their needs, wants and concerns without restriction.
  • Budget, location, size and style are just a few of the hundreds of factors that are considered for a property transaction. Whether buying selling or renting a property, feedback and direction should be integral to the process.

Licensed Real Estate Agents devote a lot of time and effort to gaining experience, qualifications and active buyer contacts. At Stanton & Taylor First National, a great deal of energy and resources is spent on honing and developing agent skills, so we can become specialists in our industry and local real estate markets. Additional systems that actively match buyers and tenants to properties also help assure no opportunities are missed.