Testimonial 3 - Property Management

I have owned and managed my own investment properties for almost 20 years. After a particularly bad tenant I (warily) decided to place my properties under management with an agent. After making contact with a few local agents I was so impressed by Skye Thompson from Stanton & Taylor in Penrith I decided to go with them. This has to be the best decision I have made as a landlord. Skye’s professionalism and attention to detail, along with Stanton & Taylor’s processes and procedures has meant that my properties are now tenanted with excellent (referenced) tenants, the rent is paid on time and inspections are carried out at set intervals giving me peace of mind I never had before. If you’re looking for a managing agent that will provide good quality tenants, save you time and money, communicate effectively and give you peace of mind, Skye at Stanton and Taylor is who you need to call. I can not recommend her and the firm highly enough.

Carol Bennett (Landlord)