Testimonial 10 - Sales

I am now 70 years old and retired as of 30th September. I have not had much experience in selling a property and Anika has helped me all the way. She is so on the ball. She even kept in contact with me whilst she was on holidays, constantly with updates in regard to the Open Houses, giving me reassurance all the time, also keeping in touch with the present tenants (it was a rental property for my retirement) and assisting and re-assuring them of the situation, which I know personally they appreciated very much.

Anika could answer any question or query I had and if she could not answer it she would investigate the matter and get back to me as soon as she had an answer, one way or another. She seemed to be so up to date with her real estate market information it was incredible. She made me feel so comfortable and made it seem so easy even though I know it kept her on her toes and she made me feel that it wasn't a bother at all - "she was just doing her job".

I did ask her a few direct curly questions about the market and how long it would take to sell and should I sell now or later, etc. etc.....and she was so honest and gave reasons both pros and cons of the position I was in, i.e. as a seller and later maybe as a prospective buyer so that I could make an informed decision that I was comfortable with.

She is amazing! I would have no hesitation to recommend Anika to any vendor or buyer.

Thank you Anika for all your hard work and success! 

Carolyn Johnson - Vendor